Presenting complex messages in a quickly understandable and memorable way

You need to be creative to be able to grab peoples attention in todays fast moving world when everyone is flooded with information.

With our animation videos we help you catch and maintain your audiences attention and get your message through. These videos are great tools not only for marketing your product but also for explaining complex issues or improving the internal communication within your company.

Short gifs can deliver a message with ease and joy, so they are perfect to emphasize a common language within an organization. We are happy to support you in nurturing this common language – we are available to create animations from either certain details of our visual notes we previously created at your event or also from scratch. Drop us a line and let’s discuss what you need!



Animated Map of the City Park of Budapest

Live your full potential

Live your full potential




Swith it on!


Merry christmas animated card

Navigate carefully on the digital ocean

Navigate carefully on the digital ocean

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If you think you've got potential as a graphic recorder and feel like joining our team, we'd love to hear from you! Try this challenge: listen to this talk then create a visual note of it: capture the main messages of the speaker in words and images in a clear and engaging way.

Use landscape format and don't spend more than two hours on it! Send the image together with your CV to in 300 dpi resolution.

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