Graphic Recording

Translating verbal language into powerful images

Live scribing or graphic recording is a visual tool that can effectively support any process where people share ideas, thoughts and information.

We listen to the speakers and capture the essence of their talks on our large-scale visual notes – a powerful way of engaging your audience!  

For most people it is easier to understand and recall things that are linked to a visual experience so our notes are not only fun to look at but they also help understand the message and remember what was said.

After the event we digitalize the visual notes so that you can easily review and share them with the participants. Moreover, they can serve as a basis for further discussion.

What’s more we also do digital scribing! We capture the content on a tablet that you can either share on screen or on social media real-time or after the event. This way you can engage people not only on the spot but also online with an exciting, continuously unfolding content.

We are available to work with you not only at conferences but also at company meetings such as strategic planning or team building with small or large groups.



Real-time graphic recording at a TedX event


Photo of the real-time visualisation of a talk on human rights


Live scribing @ForbesFlow


Workshop rules


Our visual notes displayed on many boards @OOP Conference


Poster created for Budapest School


Visualizing Forbes Flow in Budapest


Detail of real-time visual notes of an NGO meeting


Live scribing @Stretch Conference


Detail of a poster


Card drawn real-time during a talk at a Forbes Flow event and printed on the spot for the attendees


Real-time visual notes of a discussion on Social innovation


Our visual notes displayed at the venue of a conference


A detail of real-time visual notes


Poster created for Budapest School

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If you think you've got potential as a graphic recorder and feel like joining our team, we'd love to hear from you! Try this challenge: listen to this talk then create a visual note of it: capture the main messages of the speaker in words and images in a clear and engaging way.

Use landscape format and don't spend more than two hours on it! Send the image together with your CV to in 300 dpi resolution.

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